Urban Garden “Jhonny Cirillo”

The project of the urban garden Jhonny Cirillo is aimed at providing a second chance for some young people as an alternative to prison detention.

View of the pavilion

The project, conceived as a public space, is composed of 4 main areas:
– a cultivation terrace for aromatic plants and fruit trees, characterized by educational paths;

View from the cultivation terrace

– a multifunctional wooden pavilion conceived as a space for the sale and processing of agricultural products, exhibition space, or reception space during events. The pavilion will be dotted with brick structures that will border outdoor study rooms;
– an area dedicated to events, art, theatre, and music;
– an area for breeding and beekeeping.

View of the pavilion and of the outdoor study rooms

All this will be accompanied by a series of interventions aimed at soil regeneration.

Construction site

The construction of this place will be done by training courses and do-it-yourself workshops, bringing together skills in permaculture, computational design, DIY construction in wood and masonry, naturalistic engineering, sustainable design and much more.

This project will not simply be an urban garden. Together we want to build a place of hope, a place of change, because even those who have done wrong deserve a second chance to start growing their future again.

View of the entrance

Wanna join us? Stay tuned for more and please share.


Location : Scafati, Italy
State of works : Under construction
Year : 2021
Team : Pio Lorenzo Cocco, Andrea Fiore, Luigi Di Pietro, Stefania Vestuto, Alexandre Apruzzese