My name is Pio Lorenzo Cocco and I am a 27-years-old architect based in Naples and Rovigo. In 2017 I graduated with highest mark in Architecture at the University of Naples Federico II, with a final dissertation about Computational Design applied to ancient technologies. In 2019 I achieved the II Level Master “BIM Manager” at Politecnico di Milano, deepening the field of Generative Design applied to BIM. Then I attained the qualification of Authorized Rhinoceros Trainer Mcneel. After several work experiences accrued since 2015, I currently work as a BIM Manager and Computational Design, reaching a design philosophy oriented towards a digital and interdisciplinary approach to design and architecture.



FEB 2020 / Present _ Computational Designer at Poplab, Rovigo, Italy

NOV 2019 / Present _ Computational Designer Collaborator at A>T Arturo Tedeschi

JUL 2019 / Present _ Authorized Rhinoceros Trainer and Grasshopper Trainer

JUN 2019 / Present _ Architect Collaborator at Studio 2111, Naples, Italy

APR 2019 / Present _ BIM Manager and Computational Designer at Studio Kami Architecture and Engineering, Rome, Italy

JUL 2018 / Present _ Freelance Architect

MAY 2018 / Present _ Associate with Camposaz, Trento, Italy

APR 2017 / APR 2019 _ Architect and designer at 7T Studio, Scafati, Italy

JUN 2018 _ WorkshopConstruction Technologies for curved surfaces” with Studio 2111 & BACAS, Teggiano, Italy

MAY 2018 _ WorkshopAMD – Architettura, Musica e Design” with Gridshell.it & TheSignEvent, Portici, Italy

MAY 2018 _ WorkshopCamposaz Vooruit” with Camposaz, Gent, Belgium

AUG 2016 _ WorkshopTemporary Architecture for Performing Arts” with Villa Pennisi in Musica, Acireale, Italy

APR 2016 / JUL 2016 _ Curricular Internship at Ufficio Tecnico, Scafati City Hall, Italy

JUN 2015 / AUG 2015 _ Internship at Arcosanti Planning Department, Mayer, Arizona, USA


OCT 2019 _ II Level Master “BIM Manager”, Politecnico di Milano, Scuola Master Fratelli Pesenti, 110/110, with the final dissertation “Generative Design applied to Building Information Modeling“, supervisor Ing. Alessandro Zichi

JUL 2019 _ Course Authorized Rhinoceros Trainer (ART), McNeel Europe, Rome, Italy

JUN 2019 _ WorkshopAlgorithms Aided Design – Form Finding Strategies”, A>T Arturo Tedeschi, Milan, Italy

MAY 2019 _ WorkshopAlgorithms Aided Design – Ecologic Patterns”, A>T Arturo Tedeschi, Milan, Italy

APR 2019 _ Webinar “Grasshopper Python Introduction”, A>T Arturo Tedeschi, Milan, Italy

APR 2019 _ WorkshopAlgorithms Aided Design – Plug it”, A>T Arturo Tedeschi, Milan, Italy

JUL 2018 _ Enrolment in the professional register of Ordine degli Architetti Pianificatori, Paesaggisti e Conservatori della Provincia di Salerno”, N°3342

MAR 2018 _ Architect Licence, University of Naples, Federico II

MAR 2018 _ WorkshopConstructive Modelling in Rhino + Grasshopper – Level 2”, NewItalianBlood, Salerno, Italy

NOV 2017 _ Laurea Magistralis (Master Degree) in Architecture 5UE, University of Naples, Federico II, 110/100 cum lode (summa cum laude), with the final dissertation “Ancient Technologies for Computational Design“, supervisor Prof. Arch. Sergio Pone

JUN 2017 _ WorkshopAdvanced Manufacturing”, LAB_MAED, University of Naples, Federico II

OCT 2016 / NOV 2016 _ WorkshopConstruction Technologies for curved surfaces”, N:EA, San Potito Sannitico, Italy


Italian _ Mother tongue
English _ C2 (BULATS)
French _ Scholastic


BIM & GIS _ Revit, Civil 3D, Infraworks, Navisworks, Allplan, Tekla Structures, DDS/CAD, Solibri, QGIS, ArchiCAD
Computational Design _ Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Dynamo, Refinery
Grasshopper Toolset _ Rhino.Inside Revit, Rhino-Grasshopper-ArchiCAD Connection, LunchBox, Tree8, Karamba, Kangaroo, Weaverbird, Millipede, Galapagos, BullAnt, Geco, Ladybug, Honeybee, Dragonfly, Butterfly, Generation, Elk, Meerkat, Hoopsnake,  Loop, Elefront, Pufferfish, Octopus, Anemone, Goat, IntraLattice, Peregrine, Wallacei, FlexHopper, Snail, Crane, Ngon
Virtual Reality_ Unreal Engine, Unity, Twinmotion
3D & Rendering _ Autocad, 3DSMax, Blender, Dimension, Vray, Cinema 4D, Lumion
Scheduling & Analysis _ Primavera P6, Microsoft Project, Ecotect, Microsoft Office
Graphics & editing _ Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, After Effects, FreeFlight Pro, Photoscan
Programming & Digital Fabrication _ Python, Arduino, Cura, Visual Studio


Virtual Reality for Architecture using HTC Vive and Oculus Quest, professional use of digital reflex cameras, GoPro and analog cameras, 3D printing, laser cutting, professional use of drones for architecture and photography, configuration and management of Common Data Environments (CDE), computer programming using Python, practical skills of carpentry and masonry working, knowledge of the fundamentals of acoustic and lighting design, professional use of graphic tablets, professional use of 3D mouse devices, board Arduino programming, development and printing of photographic films, web sites programming and development


JUL 2019 _ Authorized Rhinoceros Trainer (ART), McNeel
JUN 2019 _ Rhinoceros, Level II, McNeel
APR 2017 _ EIPASS 7 Moduli
APR 2017 _ Skill LIM


JUN 2018 _ 1st place in the contest “Pattern your life” organised by VAHA (VIRTUAL ARCHITECTURE HANDICRAFT ART) with the project “Evolutionary Octagon Pattern


JAN 2020 _ “Generative Design and Building Information Modelling: a circular workflow” on Researchgate


APR 2018 _ “Arcology. An overview of Paolo Soleri’s works”, invitation from Prof. Arch. Loreto Colombo at Urban Planning Laboratory, Master Degree in Architecture 5UE, Department of Architecture (DIARC), University of Naples Federico II


OCT 2019 _ “Pattern Your Life” at Maker Faire Rome, Rome, Italy
MAY 2019 _ “Pattern Your Life” at Antisala dei Baroni, Maschio Angioino, Naples, Italy
JUL 2018 _ “Pattern Your Life” at Castello Macchiaroli, Teggiano, Italy