Alexandre Apruzzese

He graduated in Architecture from the University “La Sapienza” of Rome, dealing with issues related to the restoration and consolidation of historical buildings, acquiring a strong passion for the design on the pre-existences, the restoration of monuments and the requalification of industrial or historical buildings.
He continues his training as an architect in Rome through the participation in various tenders, deepening the themes of urban design and the design of sacred buildings, focusing on the criteria of enhancement and sustainability.

Raffaele Cirillo

Camera operator and director of photography. After attending the Accademia di Belle Arti in Naples, he entered the world of cinema participating in the making of movies such as “Falchi” by Tony D’Angelo, “La Parrucchiera” by Stefano Incerti and “Il Primo Re” by Matteo Rovere. This consolidates a collaboration with the director of photography Daniele Cipri, still active today. At the same time he carries on his passion for analogical photography, developing and printing in darkroom.

Roberto Cognoli

Architect and PhD fellow at the School of Architecture and Design of the University of Camerino (Italy). Master in Technological and Environmental Design at Sapienza University of Rome. Visiting Phd at Computational Research in Emergent Architectural Technology at the TEK Faculty of the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). Adjunct professor at the master Circular Architecture at the School of Architecture and Design of the University of Camerino. His research is focused on computational design and digital and robotic fabrication oriented towards the construction of lightweight timber construction systems in post disaster architecture and in contexts of scarcity of resources. He is a member of the Ordine degli Architetti di Roma.

Arch. Lucia Migliori

She graduated in Architecture at the University of Rome La Sapienza, with a thesis in architectural and environmental design. Since 2014, she collaborates in Rome with Studio Kami. Alongside her professional activity as an architect, over time she develops advanced graphic design skills, covering since 2015 the role of trainer for the Accademia di Costume e Moda in Rome, providing teaching assistance to the courses of Layout and Visualization Techniques, Computer Graphic and Fundamentals of Computer Science. She is a member of the Ordine degli Architetti di Roma.

Arch. Edda Papaccio

In 2018 she graduated in Architecture at the University of Naples Federico II, with an experimental thesis in lighting design, developing a project for the Villa dei Misteri in the archaeological area of Pompeii, deepening the role of light in the museum environment and its educational implications regarding the mechanism of vision. Her activity is currently focused on the themes of BIM and urban regeneration. She is a member of the Ordine degli Architetti di Salerno.

Arch. Livia Siciliano

Born in Naples, she immediately became passionate about art and architecture. After moving to Milan during her studies, she graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano with a specialization in interior design, making her passion a profession. Right after the university, she began to collaborate with several architectural firms, dealing with the renovation of apartments, premises, and small hotellerie. Since 2019 she started her professional activity with her studio LSarchetdesign, developing, through the continuous research for new stimuli, her passion for architecture, the choice of materials and colors with the aim of “giving” a new look to the property while preserving the characteristics that most represent it.

Roberto Vidiri

Graduated in Civil Engineering with a thesis on Heritage BIM, he works as a freelancer based in Diamante. Since 2011, he has been involved in 3D modeling and rendering, offering graphic support to architectural and engineering firms throughout Italy. Expert in the BIM field, in 2017 he achieved the Autodesk Certified Professional certification for Revit, and in 2021 the ICMQ certification for the qualification of BIM Specialist (UNI 11337), consolidating the topics of BIM and parametric modeling. He also attended the Master of Interior Design at the Italian Design Institute and at S.M.A.H. firm in Florence, with a final project of Hotellerie. Currently he divides his time between the activities of BIM designer, interior designer and 3D modeler/renderer.


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