Passerella, a new tram proposal for Milano

Arturo Tedeschi has devised a new tram for the Italian capital of design, Milan. Conceptualized as a solution to the city’s current social distancing measures, passerella is carefully designed to cater for the changing habits of citizens. With Milan’s yellow tram a treasured symbol of public transportation, the project also makes particular reference to the iconic 1503 model by reinterpreting its style and proportions with novel technologies. The design by A>T features a dynamic display integrated into the vehicle body, which transmits advertising as well as graphically appealing tram-stop information. The interior is conceived as a fashion set where the corridor is turned into a runway (passerella), surrounded by high-end materials and enveloping geometries. seats are separated by plexiglass shields and are characterized by gilt arcs that serve both as formal signs and practical structures. The tram floor features a circle pattern that discreetly signals the safe distance to maintain. Even the vehicle’s roof (usually a ‘leftover area’ filled with technical systems) has an important role in the overall design, since trams are also seen from Milan’s balconies. The top is crossed by a set of dynamic stripes that refer to Italian futurism graphics, which emphasized the cult of velocity and transportation.


Location : Milano, Italy
Year : 2020
Team : Arturo Tedeschi, Pio Lorenzo Cocco

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