A digital application for the upcycling of waste wood material in post disaster areas

In book: Architecture and Design for Industry 4.0: theory and practice
Publisher: Springer

Authors: Roberto Ruggiero, Roberto Cognoli, Pio Lorenzo Cocco


The convergence of digital and ecological transition can be crucial in achieving the European Green Deal targets. In this perspective, implementing the Industry 4.0 model in the building sector acquires high value not only for the efficiency of construction processes but also for mitigating the carbon footprint and resource exploitation, traditionally related to the building industry. Considering the circular economy as a paradigm of sustainability, the search for synergies between “circular” and “digital” approaches in the building sector represents nowadays a strategic research sector. “Upcycling” demolition material in order to transform it into new building components is, in particular, a topic where digital technologies can play a key role. «Only by capturing the physical world through data» there is a real possibility to overcome the limits that have emerged to date in upcycling processes, in particular concerning the control and classification of waste materials. In this context, post-disaster areas represent a remarkable reservoir of available and potentially reusable materials: a “material bank”, according to the circular economy vocabulary. DeDa (From Debris to the Data set) is the name of a research work in progress at the University of Camerino which focuses on the reuse of waste wood material in post-disaster areas. DeDa represents a new way of applying the principles of the circular economy and Industry 4.0 to the debris treatment. This paper describes the aforementioned research work in its cultural and operational aspects, current limitations and future potential.

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