Design Morphine Webinars

The following images are the outputs from the amazing webinar series by DesignMorphine.

  • Hyper Skins V1.0 – Tutor Aleksandar Bursać from Zaha Hadid Architects – was focused on polygonal modeling techniques on the human body to develop new and interesting body typologies through the software Autodesk Maya.
  • Spatial Synthesis V1.0 – Tutor Alejandro García Gadea from Zaha Hadid Architects – was focused on polygonal space morphing by way of low poly meshes and non destructive morphing techniques utilizing Maya and Grasshopper to generate living cell typologies.
  • Procedural Assemblies V1.0 – Tutor Alejandra Rojas – explored the opportunities provided by aggregation and growth algorithms with the Grasshopper plug-in Wasp in an effort to investigate how multiple living cells can create clusters based on bottom up deployment strategies.
  • Biomorphic Networks V1.0 – Tutor Mădălin Gheorghe – introduced to agent-based modeling through the Physarum Polycephalum algorithm and the custom plugin made for the webinar called Nuclei.
  • Dream Flake V3.0 – Tutor Michael Pryor – explored polygonal unit modeling with Autodesk Maya, mesh blending and tweening with Pufferfish for Grasshopper via attractors and mesh painting, subD modeling with McNeel Rhinoceros 7, and morphing with and to subDs, meshes, and nurbs via Pufferfish.

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