Generative Design and BIM: a circular workflow

Published on ResearchGate the article “Generative Design and Building Information Modelling: a circular workflow” available at this link. On ResearchGate you can request the research paper.


In this research, is discussed the role of Generative Design strategies applied to Building Information Modelling. Starting from a survey that retrace in a critical and consequential key the development of the discipline known as Evolutionary Computation, and with the aid of a comprehensive introduction around the main theoretical notions, is presented an operating methodology including the scripting techniques for Visual Algorithms, the working mechanisms of the Evolutionary Algorithms, the search of the best design solutions to optimize the Objective Functions, the data displaying and the definition of the decision-making strategies. Are then illustrate the features of the design tools to translate the geometrical and informative results of the optimization process in the BIM environment. Specific examples are provided. To conclude, are discussed the opportunities that Generative Design applied to BIM allows the user to reach. The work shows how to accomplish a conscious and sustainable architectural design, with methods to evaluate and justify the ultimate design choices..

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